Tailored Payroll Solutions for Your Growing Business

Experience seamless payroll management that evolves alongside your company's expansion. Elevate your operations with comprehensive services, including streamlined payday processes, precise time tracking, efficient HR management, and the provision of team benefits.

Manage and pay your team with confidence

Enhance your team management experience with seamlessly integrated tools that synergize for optimal performance. Manage and pay your team with confidence using our unified platform designed to streamline your processes and ensure efficient collaboration among essential tools.

Manage time tracking

Improve accuracy, approve timesheets, and save over 2 hours every time you run payroll.

Seamless Integration

Payroll, time tracking, and accounting data connect, so you can save nearly 4 hours a week.

Pay with confidence

Attract skilled applicants, retain your best employees, and help them grow with you.

Setup done for you

An expert will set up your payroll account so you can pay your team in less than 5 minutes.

Run payroll with xero drama

Get accurate, compliant payslips each pay period in just a few clicks. You can now easily manage the following: Annual, adhoc and performance bonuses, travel allowance and reimbursive kilometers, commissions and overtime, leave and sick pay, independent contractors and labour brokers, bursaries and other non-cash benefit, medical aid, pension, provident & retirement funds, and many more.

Time is money,

Get more of both

Effortlessly connect payroll and time tracking data with Workzuite Time, reducing manual entry and increasing overall accuracy. Experience a significant reduction in payroll costs by over 4% with the seamless integration of these crucial functions.5

Central Hub for Pay Stubs and Time Tracking

Empower your team with easy access to pay stubs, W-2s, and essential pay details, all conveniently available online or through our app.** Additionally, for those under time tracking, clocking in and out becomes a breeze with a simple tap, enhancing overall efficiency.

Reliable Payroll Services: From Payday to Tax Time

Trust our payroll services to handle your financial obligations seamlessly, from payday to tax time. Our commitment includes the accurate calculation and recording of your payroll taxes, with a 100% accuracy guarantee.